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Reports – Viewing and Options

Reports are a more formal way of displaying information captured in an Ad Hoc View.  Reports allow you to share the information with authorised persons who may not have access to the BI system.


Saved Reports can be accessed by searching, via the Library link at the top of the  Community BI window, or through the Repository.

Step 1. Navigate to your report.

Step 2. Click on the Report name

Select report

Step 3. If your report requires input values, you will be taken to an input screen

Input screen

Step 4. Enter any mandatory fields

Mandatory Fields

Step 5. Enter any optional filters you require

Optional Filters

Step 6. Click Apply


Step 7. The Report details will be displayed

Report Results


Step 8. To remove the entered criteria and start again, click Reset

Step 9.  To save the entered values click Save.

Step 10. Enter a name for the saved criteria.

Save values

Step 11. Click Save.

The entered information is saved at the top of the Options pane.

Saved criteria

The saved options can be used at any time for the report.

Step 12. To save additional options for the report, change the criteria.

Option criteria

Step 13. Click Save

Step 14. Enter a name for the saved criteria.

Options name

The additional option is available in the drop-down Options list.

Options list


Step 15.  To apply the options, use the drop-down and select the Options name

Step 16. To remove the options from the report, click Remove at the bottom of the pane.

Step 17. Return to the repository and view the report name.

Report Name

Note the arrow next to the name.


Step 18. Click on the arrow.

Saved Report Options

The saved report options are listed under the report.

Step 19. Click one of the options to open the report with the criteria applied, or click on the report name to open the report and enter criteria manually.

Further Information

For more information on working with reports, refer to articles in the Reports category.










Updated on April 19, 2018

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