Using the Repository

The Repository is the central storage location of all saved Ad Hoc Views, Reports and Dashboards created for your Community BI system.

These items can be shared with any users of the system.



Step 1. Log in to your Community BI system (refer to Logging In for further information).

Tip: Contact your system administrator if you need assistance with your log in details.


Step 2. Click the View menu at the top of the page.


Step 3. Select Repository from the list

Select Repository

The Repository page is returned



Step 4. Click the plus (+) next to your system in the Folders Pane

Repository Folders

The folder will be expanded and display available subfolders

Repository with expanded folders


Step 5. Navigate to your required folder

Repository Files and Folders


Notice that the items are sorted by Name

Tip: Your organisation should agree and advise naming conventions and saving locations



Step 6. In the top right corner, click Modified Date

Sort Options


Items are now sorted by Modified Date rather than Name

Sort by Date


Further Information

For further information on accessing Ad Hoc Views, Reports and Dashboards through the Repository, please read the related articles:



Updated on April 19, 2018

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