Logging In

Your agency will provide you with a link, username and password to access the Community BI system.

The Community BI System is a Business Intelligence system which allows you to interrogate your data to create charts, tables, reports and dashboards.


Step 1. Enter your Community BI URL into your internet browser.

The login page is displayed

Login Page


Step 2. Click Show locale & time zone

Locale and timezone


Step 3.  Click the Locale: dropdown list


Selecting the correct locale ensures the correct presentation of language and dates etc.


Step 4. Select en_AU – English (Australia)


Step 5. Click the Time Zone: dropdown list

Time Zone

Selecting the correct time zone ensures that dates are calculated and displayed correctly.


Step 6. Select your location


Step 7.  Enter your username and password

Log in details


Step 8. Click Login

The Community BI home page is displayed.

Home Page



Further Information

For further information on Community BI, refer to the following articles:




Updated on April 19, 2018

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