Editing an Ad Hoc View

Community BI allows you to create Ad Hoc Views that can be saved for future use.

If you wish to change and/or duplicate an existing Ad Hoc View for a number of reasons.


Step 1. Navigate to the existing Ad Hoc View you wish to edit. Refer to Using the Repository article for further information.

Repository list


Step 2. If you wish to keep a copy of the current report, highlight the report and click copy.

Copy Ad Hoc View


Step 3.  Navigate to the folder you wish to keep the copy, if required.

Step 4. Click Paste to create the copy.

Create Copy

Tip: If you copy the Ad Hoc View into the same location as the original, the copy will be renamed to <Name> (1) 

Step 5. To rename the Ad Hoc View, right click on the view and select Properties…

View Properties

Step 6. Edit the name and description as required then click Submit

Edit Properties

The view name is updated on the repository.

Updated Name


Step 7. To edit, click on the newly created Ad Hoc View

Design Mode

The view is displayed in design mode


Step 8. Make required changes

Changes Made


Step 9. Click Save Ad Hoc View 

Save Ad Hoc View


Step 10. Return to Repository and update properties if required, click Submit

Update Properties


Further Information

For further information on Ad Hoc Views, refer to the following articles:



Updated on April 19, 2018

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