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Ad Hoc View – Calculated Fields and Measures

Ad Hoc Views allow you to visualise and analyse the data you capture for your organisation.

Ad Hoc Views can be viewed in the Community BI system or in reports and dashboard.

Calculated Fields and Measures allow you to calculate additional information from your captured data


Step 1.  Open or create a new ad hoc view (refer to Creating Ad Hoc Views for further information)

Step 2. Click on the Icon in the measures pane.

Calculated button

‘Create Calculated Measure…’ is displayed.

Create Button


Step 3. Click Create Calculated Measure…

Create Window


Step 4. Enter a Measure Name

(e.g. Client Age)

Measure Name


Step 5. Enter the formula details required

For more information on formulas, refer to the Jaspersoft User Guide – Calculated Fields and Measures section

The following example will calculate the client’s age from date of birth and today’s date.

Select the required function from the Functions pane, select Fields and Measures for input as required.


e.g. ElapsedYears(Today( ), “Birthdate”)


Step 6. Click Validate – this ensures that your formula is valid.

Tip – It is always a good idea to use the validate function before saving. 
Formulas used in the calculated measures are very strict on syntax.

Validate button


Step 7. Click Creature Measure

Create Measure button

The new measure is listed in the Measures pane on the left-hand side. The icon shows that the measure is calculated.

New Measure


Step 9. Use the measure in your view as required.

Tip – with calculations you may need to adjust the format for the field. 
You can do this by right-clicking on the column and changing the data format.

Change Measure Format


To create a calculated field, click on the Create Calculated Field button and follow the same instructions as above.Create Calculated Field

Further Information

For further information on Ad Hoc Views, refer to the following articles:

Updated on October 25, 2018

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