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Scheduling – Simple Recurring Schedule

Reports and dashboards can be scheduled to run automatically at a given time/date, or on multiple occasions.

Simple recurring schedules allow you to select start and end dates as well as recurrence values.  e.g. you can set the report or dashboard to run once a week from tomorrow until the end of the year.

Reports and dashboards are a more formal way of displaying information captured in an Ad Hoc View.  Reports and dashboards allow you to share the information with authorised persons who may not have access to the BI system.



Creating a Simple Recurring Schedule

Step 1. Create or find the required report or dashboard in the Repository.

Step 2. Right Click on the required report or dashboard.

Step 3. Select Schedule… from the list.

Right Click Report



Step 4. On the Scheduled Jobs page, select Create Schedule.

Create Schedule


The New Schedule page is displayed.

New Schedule page


Step 5. Select On Specific Date:

On Specific Date


Step 6. Click on the calendar icon next to the On Specific Date: field



A calendar is displayed


Step 7. Select your required date and time

Select Required Date and Time


When selected on the calendar the details are added to the On Specific Date: field.


Step 8. Change Recurrence Type = Simple


Simple recurrence lets you choose to repeat the report or dashboard every so many days, weeks, hours or minutes.

Simple Recurrence Settings


You can also choose an end date if required.


Step 9. Select a repeat option.

e.g. repeat every 2 weeks


Step 10. Select an End Date

e.g. Run until 1st July 2018

Simple Recurrence Settings


Step 11. Click Save

The Save window appears

Save Window



Step 12.  Enter a Name and description for the Scheduled Report or Dashboard

Schedule Name and Description


Step 13. Click Save

The Scheduled report is now listed

Scheduled Report List


Further Information

For further information refer to the following articles:

Updated on April 19, 2018

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