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Dashboards – Creating New Table Content

A Dashboard is comprised of dashlets – individual items that are added to the dashboard. These may include Ad-Hoc views (chart, table or crosstab), Reports, Text, Webpages or images.

A Dashboard can include input controls for choosing the data displayed in one or more dashlets.

A Dashboard allows you to view multiple ad-hoc views or reports in a single, integrated view.


Step 1. Open or Create a new Dashboard (refer to the Creating Dashboards articles for further information.

Step 2. Click and drag a new Table content item to the dashboard

Create new table

Step 3. Select the required data for your table

Select Data

Step 4. Click Choose Data

Choose Data button

Step 5. Use the Data Chooser to select the required fields for your table

Data Chooser

Step 6. Use the New Ad Hoc View window to configure your table

Configure Table

Refer to the Ad Hoc View – Table article for more information on setting up your table.

Step 7. Once complete, click the Save button

Save button

Step 8. Enter a dashlet name

Dashlet name

Step 9. Click Save

The dashlet Table appears in the dashboard.

Dashlet table created

Tip: You may wish to resize the dashlet after you save it for the best display


Further Information

For information on adding a new Chart or Crosstab item, refer to the following articles:

Updated on April 19, 2018

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