Ad Hoc View – Zooming

When working with Ad Hoc Views it can be useful to zoom in on data for more detail.

Ad Hoc Views allow you to visualise and analyse the data you capture for your organisation.

Ad Hoc Views can be viewed in the Community BI system or in reports and dashboard.



Step 1. Create or open a Chart Ad Hoc View (refer to theĀ Creating Ad Hoc Views article for further information).

Original chart


Step 2. Click and drag your mouse across the chart – a pale box will display

Step 3. Release your mouse and the selected section will be zoomed in on

zoomed chart

Step 4. To revert to the original chart, click reset zoom

Reset zoom


The original chart display is returned

Original chart

Further Information

For further information please refer to the following articles:

Updated on April 19, 2018

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